One-off workshops

Year-long support

Summer schools/retreats

One-off workshops

Responsible communication of science & technology (or focused on robotics & AI) (4.5h, virtual)

Learning goals: to empower people working in science or technology fields (e.g. robotics & AI) to communicate about their work responsibly to different audiences using several channels, from short social media posts to full blog articles and out-of-the-box formats. At the end of this workshop, participants will have several communication drafts of their own work to further develop for their communication endeavours.


How to make impactful research videos (4.5h, virtual)

Learning goals: to equip researchers with the knowledge to produce top-notch videos about their work to maximize its reach and impact. Apart from learning techniques from successful research videos, in this workshop participants will also find their story and structure to communicate, and will end up with a draft of a research video about their work.


Introduction to responsible research and innovation (RRI) & well-being (3h, virtual)

Learning goals: to introduce researchers to tools that will allow them to make the transition towards RRI/open science (as defined by the Horizon Europe programme) in an effective and practical way, while also respecting their own times for it to be a smooth transition that ends up relieving them of the extra burden and improving their well-being. Because ensuring the well-being of researchers is also intrinsic to supporting their research career, thus becoming a fundamental aspect of a culture of responsibility.

Year-long support

Regular science communication support (1-2-1 (1h), or in groups (2h), virtual)
This service aims to offer researchers regular & general support for science communication through regular content creation (blog posts/PRs, podcasts, videos, public engagement activities…), and assistance in the dissemination.


On-demand video-making support (1-2-1, 45min, virtual)

This is a service where researchers can ask for guidance/feedback at any stage of their video-making process, whether at the beginning to help them find the story and sketch the video, or when a draft has been finalised but they need some feedback to produce the final version.


Monthly responsibility & well-being circles (4h, virtual)

This is a monthly virtual gathering to create a community of responsible researchers and a support network for their mental health and well-being. Responsible innovation/open science and well-being are complementary to each other – one cannot have professional responsibility if they do not have personal responsibility towards themselves, and vice versa. In these circles, a safe space will be created for participants to express themselves, learn from and support each other, while acquiring responsible innovation & emotional management techniques that they can apply in both professional and personal settings.


Well-being mentorship (1-2-1, 1h, virtual)

This is an individual service focused on mentoring a person in regard to their personal and professional well-being using different approaches such as finding wholeness through nature, and a Gestalt way of life (with the aim to live in the present).

Summer schools/retreats

Responsibility & well-being full immersion (5 days, in person)

This training is rich in experiential activities based on reflective tools and well-being techniques. Participants are individually and collectively guided through a cathartic process of becoming aware of the importance of embracing RRI/open science practices by themselves, and finding their own way of including them in their day to day. Each of them will take ownership of their own process, making it unique and personal, thereby developing a sense of personal and professional responsibility as a result of their own awakened values throughout the training experience. At the end of this training, participants will have acquired the skills to create an adequate environment that will allow them to develop both personally and professionally, hence increasing the positive impact of their research on themselves, their community, society and the planet. Summer schools/retreats are a very impactful format because participants experience learning out of their lab, surrounded by nature (if possible), and completely focused on their learning process.

Learning outcomes:

○ Discover the need for RRI/open science, its benefits (greater access to funding, generation of tangible value, self-realization, social and economic impact…) and the unique ways for each participant to incorporate responsibility into their research, providing them with practical tools and concrete examples to move towards this cutting-edge way of doing research.

○ Through Standpoint Theory and responsibility tools in research and innovation, be aware that there is a world around their research, and how their research influences them, their colleagues, their environment, society and the planet.

○ Be aware that they are more than researchers, with a personal part that influences the research they do, and that they have to take care of it as well to maintain their well-being and research endeavours.

○ Learn emotional management techniques to manage common situations in the life as a researcher, such as stress/pressure (‘publish or perish’), uncertainty (in their career progression, access to funding…), or the rejection of their articles.

○ Create bonds to increase the feeling of belonging to a community and reduce the feeling of isolation in the research world.

If you require specific services in topics not covered here, or in a different way, I also offer the possibility to adapt my offer to your needs. You can contact me and we will discuss further.