Empowering researchers to share stories about their work is essential to reach stakeholders and the public, whose lives will be impacted by the technology.


This 2-way discussion will be essential to shape the science & technology for the benefit of society. When done well, responsible stories can also help increase visibility and impact of the work, lead to new connections, raise funds, and promote diversity.


Furthermore, researchers are increasingly being asked to move towards a participatory model beyond the academic field where end users, industry, the public authorities, and the whole of society through its citizens are involved in the research process.


Therefore, it is key that researchers make the transition towards this way of doing research to continue in the research world, since it is becoming one of the foundation pillars. For example, it is now an excellence evaluation criterion to access research funding in the Horizon Europe programme.


Nowadays, these practices are, however, an added burden for researchers and research centres. The culture of research responsibility is not fully established in the research community yet.


Scientific Agitation guides researchers in a smooth transition towards responsibility in their science communication and their research and innovation to relieve them of the extra burden, and improve their mental health & general well-being. Because ensuring the well-being of researchers is also intrinsic to supporting their research career, thus becoming a fundamental aspect of a culture of responsibility.


Hello. My name is Daniel Carrillo-Zapata, and I am a Scientific Agitator.

My services


Would you like to create unique and engaging experiences that have a two-way impact on both your audience and yourself? In these hands-on trainings you will learn how to think out of the box to merge responsible research and innovation & open science with responsibility towards yourself.

Project management

With over 7 years of experience designing, planning and delivering science communication and public engagement activities during my PhD in robotics and as a freelance, I can help you/your organisation achieve your communication goals in the most impactful way.

Public engagement

Are you looking for a speaker at a school, conference or public/private event? My interactive talks about swarm robotics, roboethics and Scientific Agitation, in which I use theatre, science busking, storytelling and gamification, have reached thousands of people so far.


Do you need a video produced for your science communication project? Or some expert advice on how to deliver such project? Or perhaps you would like to partner up in an artistic collaboration? If you require a bespoke service, I may be able to suit your needs. Let’s engage!

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Use the form below to reach me, send me an email to danicarzap@scientificagitation.com or contact me on Twitter / LinkedIN.